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Cutting family style for over 30 years.
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Our Philosophy:
Every client is unique. When you walk through our salon doors we see you as an individual with your own needs and aspirations. We take pride in giving you time with a relaxed in-depth consultation to build trust and confidence between you and your stylist.

Contact us
Paul Michael's Hair Salon
Telephone: 0161 929 7368
21 Stamford Street
Altrincham, Cheshire, WA14 1EX.
United Kingdom.


Opening Times
Tuesdays to Saturdays: 9.00am - 6.00pm
Fridays: 9.00am - 7.00pm

Stylist Prices
Cut and Blow dry £20 - 50
Blow dry £15 - 30
Gents £10 - 30
Boys under 12 £10 - 17
Girls under 12 £30
Foil highlights £52 - 72
Tint £36
Tint and foil highlights £43 - 58
Hair up £20 - 50
Prom hair £20 - 48
Trainee Stylists (call for prices)
Shampoo and blow dry
Prom hair
Tint and blow dry
1/2 Head foils and blow dry
Full head foils and blow dry
Tint & foils and blow dry
Botox for hair £12
Hydrating/Repair masks £8
Colour savers £6
Tracey Penrith said...

I've been a regular client of Paul's for over 7 years. Now I have 2 young children they come in with their dad to have their hair cut while I am pampered upstairs. I would highly recommend this salon.

June 8, 2008 10:31 AM

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Paul Atherton has spent over forty-five years in hairdressing. After working at Manchester's leading salons he now heads a loyal, committed team of stylists in his own friendly salon.

Over the years Paul has also worked for stage and TV production on several hairdressing and make-over shows. He has an impressive list of celebrity clients, including the famous opera singer Russell Watson. Paul appeared in an episode of Extreme Dreams with Ben Fogle - he jokes he is probably the first hairdresser to do a high-altitude shave on Ben! (Scroll down for photos and Paul's article).


The ground floor is the central point for cutting and finishing. We have our barber shop on our lower floor, catering for men's and kid's cuts. There are lollipops for every visit - even one for Dad if he's good! On our top floor, we have three Wella colour technicians. We are a key account Wella salon and offer the latest colour techniques.


Maria Atherton, a.k.a. 'Mrs Paul Michaels', has supported Paul throughout his hairdressing career. Maria has 20 years of industry experience, specialising in cuts for male clientŤle of all ages. Maria prides herself on keeping up with menís fashion.

Rebecca and Hayley
Paul and Maria's two talented daughters were raised into the family business. Like their Mum and Dad, Rebecca and Hayley live and breathe hairdressing. Hayley is currently styling in Australia and Rebecca and come home to work alongside her dad at Paul Micheals for 2 days a week.


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picture 1 Paul atherton is involved in a series called 'Britains got the builders in' Paul gives a piece of land to his daughter to persuade her to live back in England, just seen a clip and it looks very eventful!
Paul and the family will be on from 25/03/15

In Cheshire, hairdresser Paul Atherton has given his daughter Rebecca a plot of land in the hope of enticing her back from abroad to live near him. Enlisting the help of his brother Robbie, a builder, the family plans an ambitious self-build home. But a catalogue of changes, a set of out-of-date plans and a reluctance to hire experts to oversee the project soon cause havoc with the schedule.

Meanwhile, Gary Wright and his partner Jan want to extend and renovate their home in Adlington. In a seemingly straightforward build, they employ building brothers Scott and Warren Wilson, but it soon becomes apparent that, when it comes to making decisions, Jan and Garry like to take their time.

Watch on BBC iPlayer -

picture 2 picture 3


Five everyday people from different walks of life stood on the banks of a fast flowing river in the foot hills of Nepal; the sixth person was the famous floppy haired fresh faced but unusually bearded TV presenter Ben Fogle.

He was to be our leader and mentor for the next two weeks. As fit as any athlete and as courageous as a lion, he checked us into our buoyancy jackets and helped us gingerly into the inflatable raft to be splashed and bashed for the start of our incredible journey towards our Extreme Dreams.

I, Paul Michaels, was one of the five. A fifty-year-old hairdresser and salon owner from the Market town of Altrincham in Cheshire, lucky enough to make it through the selection process. Then through the exhausting trial weekend, which was held in deepest Wales amidst the bleak snowy mountains where the S.A.S do their training.

For 14 days we were all woken at three or four in the morning to trek 12 to 14 hours a day, walking through brilliant sunshine over green mountain terracing, clambering beneath black storm clouds up rocky scree slopes in freezing snow that would chill you to the bones! Our path was sometimes washed away in front of our eyes! We were sleeping in damp cold clothes that we didnít change all week, eating rice potato and dahl, drinking boiled water with dead, floating creepy crawlies.

Our goal was to make it to the sacred lake Panch Pokari to collect some of the sacred waters into a vessel blessed by the High Lama from Kathmandu and take it back to him. Didnít seem to hard, but with the lack of sleep and food, the cold, the leeches, altitude sickness, we lost one of our five to exhaustion and dehydration who was spectacularly air lifted by helicopter from the side of a steep mountain.

But it wasnít all doom and gloom! In typical British tradition we all kept our chins up, and there was a lot of fun along the way. Ben was always ready for a laugh - even at his own expense. I had to perform a very quick make-over to quell a argument between two of our team.

The highlight for me came after having the best nightís sleep during the whole trip, in a cave entrance. As the warm sun gently rose from behind the mountain range, Benís silhouette shadowed over me and he asked if I would get rid of his now six week old bushy beard! Not a usual request for me, even at five in the morning. So there it was: probably the first 3000m shave performed by a hairdresser. It was a pleasure to restore Ben's face from a bearded pirate to the fresh-faced youngster we all know and admire.

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